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Special Education Advocacy
Jeff Schweissinger, M.S.
Advocacy for Children with Special Education Services
I will work with you and your child to work with the school to develop an appropriate educational program to assist your child in their academic education
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    Special Education Advocacy
    Special Education Advocacy is someone working with parents and their child toward understanding what special education is about, relative to their child. It's helping parents learn about the related services their child can receive to help succeed in their education. Then it's working with parents and the school system to develop an appropriate and supportive educational plan for your child.
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    Free & Appropriate Education
    All children have the right to a Free and Appropriate Education. An advocate works to learn about your child's abilities, understanding what your child can do, and what parents look forward to in what their child can accomplish in school. It's the child's and parents right to expect this from school
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    Supports and Services
    An advocate helps parents understand testing and assessment results, and what this means for their child. An advocate works with parents to understand what an IEP is all about and works with parents and school personnel to develop an appropriate IEP for their child. An good advocate works with parents and school/district staff, cooperatively, toward a plan of supports for their child
Is your child learning the same material at the same pace as their same age peers?
Your child has a right to whatever programs and services are necessary to deal with their  disability so your child has a better chance to succeed in school.

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Social integration
Often, children with special needs have difficulty with developing supportive peer relationships. Children's learning can benefit with improvements to social integration with their school peers.
IDEA - Individuals with Disabilities Act -
An appropriate education is your child's right