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Special Education Advocacy
Jeff Schweissinger, M.S.
Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) is the right for your child to have access to and benefit from an appropriate education.  Does your son or daughter have a learning disability, or does your child have a behavior problem in school impacting their learning in the classroom?  There are federal and state laws and regulations that specify conditions that can prevent or interfere from a child benefiting from an appropriate education, and that detail the educational rights for your child to obtain related benefits and supports to help your child perform better in school.  Some of these benefits may include speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, adaptive physical education, one-to-one or classroom aide, extended test taking time or even a different environment more conducive for test taking.  They may even involve a different classroom or school placement.  Special Education in your child's school program can help to make learning and participating in their classroom easier and more enjoyable, ultimately with the expectation that your child will benefit more significantly than without those supports.
It's the role of a Special Education Advocate to work with you, and your child, to understand what your child knows, how they learn, and how they're performing in school.  I work with you, their parent, to understand what has been happening in your child's education, what problems and/or issues your child and you have faced in the past, and what the expectations and practical possibilities are for your child and their education.  After learning this information, and reviewing school and education information about your child, we work together to develop a plan for the future academic education for him/her.  I help you to understand about the academic & psycho educational testing results, about the IEP, and how to best approach the IEP process in obtaining the best supports for your child in their schooling program.
I have worked with developmentally  disabled children for over 20 years, providing supports for them and their families.  In doing this, I've also worked with their parents to develop supportive educational progams through their IEP's.
I hold a M.S. in Counseling Psychology & MFT from CLU.
In working with my families, I've understood their many frustrations and pains associated with their children and the school process.  My wife and I have experienced the devastating loss of one young child and since then, have raised twin girls.  I know of the emotional problems associated with difficult family matters.